Author: z80avrproject

Reflow-oven controller PID and performance tuning

After final assembly of the Reflow Oven, I knew I need to test and tune the PID parameters. The sample ARDUINO program provided by ROCKET SCREAM uses a few ARDUINO libraries; most notable are Brett Beauregard's PID and Limor Fried's (LadyAda) MAX6675 libraries.  The PID library can be found here and the MAX6675 library can be found … Continue reading Reflow-oven controller PID and performance tuning


Component research and selection

The foundational base for this project required some sort of oven.  From the design perspective, I needed an oven, preferably one with a good heat-up slope, a temperature sensor, a solid-state relay that was capable of handling "house-hold" voltage and at least 20 amps of current and a PID controller. Oven selection:  There are plenty … Continue reading Component research and selection